Over 3 Days At Traffic & Conversion Summit In San Diego...
40 Of The Smartest Entrepreneurs Alive Are Set To Answer The Most Critical Question In Digital Marketing…
What’s Really Working, Right Now?
We’re Smuggling Out 7, 8 And 9 Figure Insider Secrets That Were Never Meant For The Light Of Day!
We’re working in an era of rapid change. Media platforms - marketing strategies - even the culture in most major industries is in a constant state of revolution. 

Snapchat launched in 2011. Now it has 301 million monthly active users. 

Disruption is the new name of the game. 

If you’re not ahead of the curve - you’re getting crushed under it.
Daymond John, the CEO of FUBU said that. For a long time it was true. Inventing new ways to do business was risky, and expensive. You were better off copying what already worked.

Now? You don’t have that luxury. 

What worked last year might be broken today. 

What worked five years ago has become totally obsolete. 

That’s why Mark Zuckerberg has said, “In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

In a dynamic world - you need to master…
The Mass Adoption Gap
When a new marketing technique is discovered - whether it’s a traffic source, a monetization technique, a new communication medium - a countdown begins. 

At first the new strategy is wildly effective. For the handful of savvy marketers who get in first, it can literally make their business - going from zero to millions of customers. 

But - with each day that passes - new marketers start piling in. The traffic source dries up. The conversion tactic gets stale. The new communication channel is flooded. 

Soon you’re seeing a huge dip in performance. 

Once the masses have adopted the innovation… it stops working altogether. 

AND when do you hear about this “genius” marketing breakthrough? Only after the insiders have milked it for every drop of value - when it no longer works at all. 

There’s only one exception to the rule - and it’s thanks to this guy…
The Man Who Lives Ahead Of The Curve
This is Ryan Deiss - Founder and CEO of Digital Marketer. Unless you’ve been living in a Unabomber shack in the woods, he really doesn’t need any introduction. 

Ryan and his team are pioneers. 

At Digital Marketer, they invest the time and resources to uncover new - highly effective - marketing techniques. They take full advantage of the mass adoption gap. 

After spending millions (you read that right) - driving traffic, and converting it into sales and loyal customers over the last twelve months - he’s discovered something…
A Handful Of Expensive Secrets About What Really Works In 2017
Only - Ryan is NOT jealously hoarding his proven strategies, tactics and campaigns. Just like he has every year since 2013 - he’s pulling back the curtain.
In March, He’s Bringing The World’s Smartest Marketers To Traffic & Conversion Summit In San Diego…
Over three crazy days, a literal “who’s who” of the marketing world will descend on the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego, California.
Perry Belcher
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, DigitalMarketer
Molly Pittman
Vice President, DigitalMarketer
Richard Lindner
President and CMO, DigitalMarketer
Russ Henneberry
Editorial Director, DigitalMarketer
Marcus Murphy
Director of Monetization, DigitalMarketer
Roland Frasier
Principal Partner, DigitalMarketer
Lindsay Marder
Managing Editor, DigitalMarketer
Suzi Nelson
Community Manager, DigitalMarketer
Justin Rondeau
Director of Optimization, DigitalMarketer
John Grimshaw
Analytics & Data Manager, DigitalMarketer
Bonin Bough
Host of CNBC's Cleveland Hustles
Dan Tyre
Sales Director, HubSpot
Brittany Murlas
Founder, Stealth Family Tech Startup
Chad Kerby
Sr. Director of Partner Programs, Infusionsoft
Amy Swartz
Sales Enablement Lead, Google
Brad Martineau
CEO and Founder, SixthDivision
Brett Curry
CEO, OMG Commerce
Chris Mercer
Carlos Angel
General Manager, Uber
Drew Sanocki
Private Equity Operating Partner,
Christina Kehoe
Manager - Community Operations, Bevy
Ezra Firestone
Founder, Smart Marketer
Dennis Yu
CTO, BlitzMetrics
Kyle Racki
CEO & Co-Founder, Proposify
Lori Taylor
Founder & CEO, Rev Media Marketing
Tom Breeze
Director, Viewability
Keith Krance
Founder & CEO, Dominate Web Media
Re Perez
Founder & CEO, Branding For The People
Mike Rhodes
Founder & CEO, WebSavvy
Nicholas Kusmich
Founder, H2H Media Group
Donald Miller
Founder, Storybrand
Jason Swenk
Marketing Agency Advisor,
Mari Smith
Social Media Thought Leader,
Ralph Burns
Agency CEO, Dominate Web Media
Tim Starr
Senior Director of Deliverability, Maropost
Kevin Harrington
Inventor of the Infomercial, Original Shark on ABC's "Shark Tank"
Syed Balkhi
Founder & CEO, OptinMonster
Pat Flynn
Founder, Smart Passive Income
...Along With 3,000 Marketers, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
An Event Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen
Traffic and Conversion isn’t about networking, or pitching. Ryan doesn’t let his speakers gobble up their stage time selling the audience, or delivering tired “second hand” wisdom.
He “Twists Their Arms” AND Forces Them To Deliver The Goods
So you get an intimate fireside chat with the smartest people in our industry. Speaking candidly about what actually works right now in their 7, 8 and 9 figure businesses.
What They Reveal Sucks The Air Out Of The Room!
You know the feeling when you finally understand something you’ve been struggling with for longer than you can remember? A real “Eureka” moment of clarity?

Every single line, from every single speaker is loaded with “never before revealed” insights that will leave everyone in the audience with that exact feeling.
Proven Tips, Tricks & Secrets Based On THOUSANDS Of Tests And HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS In Sales
To Drive Traffic…
These are marketers who have generated tens or even hundreds of millions of unique visitors over the last year. Spending millions and millions on paid traffic. 

Want to know what’s replacing SEO? They’ll reveal the surprising truth on stage.
To Convert Leads…
The Digital Marketer team alone has developed 126 profitable conversion funnels for their clients and portfolio companies. Not to mention all the A-level guest speakers. 

Curious how “Funnel 2.0” is going to take over in 2017? Ryan invented it!
To Scale Up To The Next Level!
Need to raise $120,000,000 to buy a national brand? Or launch a book with a top 100 celebrity? Or get email feedback from a group that sent 1 BILLION+ last year? 

This event is the ONLY place in the world you can get the answers you need.
PLUS “Done For You” Campaigns You Could Copy Immediately
YES - they’re letting attendees “steal” 4 of their best performing campaigns - with everything from targeting to copy. People will literally earn back their ticket price from the audience.
The Big Ticket Launches Of 2017 Will Be Born In That Room!
At Traffic & Conversion 2014 Ryan introduced the concept of the funnel. Over the next few months, everyone and their mother released a funnel creation course. 

Most of the big launches last year began with insights shared at that event. 

That’s how I know that the tips, tricks and techniques from this year’s T&C will wind up in almost every $997 to $4,997 course and coaching program you’ll see in 2017. 

Only… you’ll have to wait 6-9 months for them to come out. And by then the lucky “first movers” will have already have picked the profits clean with their early warning
The Catch? You Have To Pay $1997 To Be There...
Yikes right?! Turns out that getting a world class marketing education straight from the horse’s mouth ain’t cheap. And that doesn’t include hotels OR airfare.
But What If You Didn’t Have To Attend To Benefit?
What if you could get ALL the upside of learning directly from 40 of the most successful marketers on Earth - without paying out the nose for it? 

What if you could discover what WILL work in 2017 - without getting on a plane, or even leaving your house? That’s what I’m bringing to you today.
I’ll Give You What’s Really Working For These Marketing Titans!
We’ve attended every Traffic & Conversion Summit since the 2013 event, and every year my team and I take notes covering the entire event.  

But the result? A complete reference guide to everything (and I do mean everything) revealed about what really works, right now by 40 of the marketers actually doing it.
ALL Sessions & ALL Material Covered In Minute Detail
Our team of 5 note takers will attend every session, and furiously record every point from ALL of the guest speakers. Nothing will slip through the cracks.
Ryan Deiss Gave Us Exclusive Permission
I am the only person authorized by Ryan Deiss and Digital Marketer to produce or share these notes. Nobody else in the world can give them to you.
Better Than Attending In Person?
Even if you ARE going to Traffic & Conversion Summit you will STILL miss at least 80% of the vital information revealed at the event. Why? Because with so many speakers, Ryan schedules them 5 at a time across different conference rooms. 

Unless you can clone yourself - it’s physically impossible to see everyone. 

That’s why I’m personally flying in my entire team to get 100% coverage of every grain of wisdom, with no parts missing. So even if you DO go to T&C this year, you’ll still discover all kinds of mind blowing insights in our notes.
One Of The Most Anticipated Launches This Year
Over the last few weeks my email inbox has been stuffed to the gills with messages about our 2017 notes. Dozens of people pleading and demanding we release them again. 

Today I’m excited to announce that the wait is over.
Traffic & Conversion Notes 2017
Over 100 Pages Of The Marketing Tactics And Techniques That Are Really Working Right Now!
Traffic & Conversion has evolved over the last few years. In 2013 it was focused 100% on digital entrepreneurs. Now it has SEVEN separate agendas - for every kind of marketer:
  • Getting Started
  •  What’s Working Now
  •  Future of Sales
  •  Behind The Scenes
  •  Agencies Only
  •  Head Honcho 
  •  Digital Retailer
We know that 99% of the people reading this page are entrepreneurs. So we’re making sure to give special coverage to all the sessions you NEED to see to grow your business. 

Here’s a “taste” of what you’ll get in What’s Working Now…
The NEW Customer Value Optimization
Ryan Deiss
25 Freakishly Effective Marketing Hacks To Steal & Deploy
Roland Frasier
The YouTube Ads Framework: How to Find Your Customers, Know What They're Thinking and Get Them to Buy
Tom Breeze
25 MORE Freakishly Effective Marketing Hacks To Steal & Deploy
Roland Frasier
How To Craft The Perfect, Attention Grabbing, ROI Producing Facebook Ad
Nicholas Kusmich
The $500 BILLION Dollar “Madmen” Marketing Method That Creates Perfect Marketing Campaigns in 4 Easy Steps
Perry Belcher
The Ecommerce Marketers Guide to Email Automation
Ezra Firestone
How to Get Your First 1,000,000 Customers Carlos Angel The Display Grid: How to Build & Scale High Converting GDN Campaigns
Mike Rhodes
Break Even (or Bust): 5 Selling Systems that DigitalMarketer Needed for Growth
John Grimshaw
Master The MAGIC Headline Formula That ALWAYS Works and Get a KILLER Hook for Your Product or Service in the Process
Perry Belcher
How Used Database Marketing to Net $10m in Under 10 Months
Drew Sanocki
Win Pinterest (with the least effort): Advanced Pinterest Tactics for the Smartest Marketers
Brittany Murlas
Google Optimize: How Google's New Split Testing Tool Will Make You Money (And How It Won't)
Chris Mercer 
Don't Call Me a "Marketer"
Ryan Deiss
3-Step Facebook Video Formula: What We've Learned From 128 Million Video Views
Keith Krance, Ralph Burns
Simple 3-Step Stories That Sell Products, Brands and You!
Perry Belcher
Wicked Smart Contest: Mind-Blowing Marketing Tactics You Can Implement Now
Roland Frasier, Perry Belcher
Facebook Messenger Bots: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Profit
Ezra Firestone
Customer Journey ROI: The Metamorphosis from "Spray and Pray Marketing" to Data Driven Decisions.
Scott Desgrosseilliers
4 Wicked Smart Ways to Get More Out of the Traffic You Already Have
Molly Pittman, Justin Rondeau
Viral Email Campaigns That TRIPLE Response and Explode Branding
Perry Belcher
How to Use Instagram to Drive Website Traffic and Grow Your Email List
Sue Zimmerman
The BLP Formula: From Book to List to Product
Pat Flynn
How To Architect An Ideal Sales Conversation
Ryan Deiss
Ask Me Anything: Pat Flynn
Pat Flynn
How DigitalMarketer Uses Facebook Communities to Increase Conversions, Reduce Churn and Change People’s Lives
Suzi Nelson
Tool Time: The Hottest, Most Effective Marketing Tools & How To Use Them
Roland Frasier, Perry Belcher
How to Get Search & Social Rankings with Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles
Dennis Yu
Rockstar Facebook Customer Care: Proven Ways To Increase Leads, Sales & Conversion
Mari Smith
Ecommerce Growth Hacks to Skyrocket Your Sales
Syed Balkhi
Content Engine: How To Quickly Crank Out High Quality Blog Content
Russ Henneberry, Lindsay Marder
PLUS - Unannounced Secret Speakers
Final Thoughts and Closing Ceremonies
Ryan Deiss
5 Killer Traffic Campaigns to Swipe and Deploy in Your Business
Molly Pittman
How To Generate Follow-up Sales From Your Amazon Buyers (Even If You Don't Have Their Email Address)
Lori Taylor
PLUS - ALL The Other Sessions For ALL The Other Agendas...
Like I said - I know 99% of our T&C notes customers are independent marketers or entrepreneurs. But that doesn’t mean we’re ignoring the other material. 

You’ll get FULL coverage on EVERY session at the event.
These Speakers Will Release The EXACT Same Info Later This Year… But You’ll Have To Wait 6-9 Months AND Pay $1-10,000!
We know, because it happened every year we’ve done the notes. 

Almost every single speaker wound up releasing a high ticket course, with almost the exact same material they shared in San Diego. 

The problem? You had to wait months for it to come out, while “in the know” attendees were already cashing in. PLUS you would have had to pay $997+ for EACH training. 

That puts the total value of the content in these notes at well over $10,000.
We’re Spending $4,700+ To Bring You This!
It’s not a cheap proposition. 

It goes WAY beyond the $697 per person pre-sale ticket price. 

First of all I have to get tickets for myself and my note takers (one for each of the parallel sessions), plus flights, hotels plus food and drink in San Diego. Those costs add up. 

I’ve been doing this for 5 years, and I know this is the absolute cheapest it can be done without missing out on GIANT chunks of information. 

So when I say you couldn’t get this for less than $4,700 - you can take that to the bank!
This Week Only - Avoid Paying $1997!
Much Less The $4,700+ It Costs To Cover All Sessions!
That’s because today we’re giving you an enormous (almost unfair) discount.
YOU Save $1970!
Are You Really Getting The “Secret Sauce?”
There’s a reason Traffic & Conversion Summit sells out every year, despite its steep price. And why it’s rapidly become the #1 digital marketing event on Earth.
This isn’t a “bait and switch” pitch-fest. It’s not rehashed training you’ve already seen in every free WSO since 2008. It’s the real deal, for real marketers. 

No matter what business you’re in - this will give you what really works in 2017.
You May Not Be Ready For This!
Inside you will find cutting edge techniques and campaigns. Stuff that 99% of marketers have not tried yet, or even imagined. Information you can put to work instantly. 

Tactics that really - truly - work right now in YOUR market.
What If You Don’t Have Time To Read ALL Of The Notes?
You don’t have to. 

You can quickly and easily search the notes for JUST the info you need. 

Want to know how to use Instagram to skyrocket sales?

Jump to that section. 

Curious to discover how Youtube ads are taking over your industry? 

You’ll know in under 5 minutes. 

Many of our customers DID attend Traffic & Conversion summit, but they know that owning the notes as a reference is often MORE valuable than trying to remember it all.
Don’t Believe Me? We Did It With Traffic & Conversion Notes 2013, 2014, 2015 And 2016!
A handful of poor, deeply suspicious souls didn’t believe us last year. 

They were absolutely confident we’d never raise our price. Some even believed they might get a cheaper price, simply by “waiting us out.” 

Sure enough… the price went up NOT down.
One or two even begged and pleaded for the original price. But I told them what I’m telling you now - it wouldn’t be fair to all of our other customers who had faith and took action. 

The consequence? They missed out on an incredible discount.
...At That Price People STILL Buy Every Month!
Off course - even at the $47 price point, this is a scandalously good deal. And that’s not marketer “double talk” to justify our pricing. 

We literally sell a few copies of the 2016 notes EVERY month for $67.
The market has spoken. The only question is, why haven’t you?
Will 2017 Be The Year You Finally Figure Out What’s Really Working?
AGAIN… The Price Will Shoot Up To $47 In Only…
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